Joint Research Project (Collaborative Research)

Joint Research Project (Collaborative Research)


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Project (KAKENHI)

From FY 2018 to FY 2022, we are working on “Research on Sports as an increasingly diverse subject/community and ‘sphere of life’ in a globalized society” (Principal Investigator: Natsuko Saka).

The United Nations has designated 2005 as the International Year of Sport and Physical Education, calling on countries to promote physical education and sports as “a means to promote education, health, development and peace. The reality is that international economic disparity and poverty prevent people from playing sports, especially in developing countries. Many people in developed countries also have difficulty accessing sports.

Based on this recognition, our joint research aims to extract new knowledge and cognitive frameworks on globalized sports and disparities and inequalities, using a variety of temporal and spatial approaches. Keywords include ethnic minorities, gender, aging, social development, and community revitalization and revitalization.

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