Introduction to Study Social Science of Sports at Hitotsubashi University

Introduction to Study Social Science of Sports at Hitotsubashi University


Social Science of Sports at Hitotsubashi University

This research unit engages in the social science of sports, including not only sociology but also history, education, cultural studies, policy studies, development studies, regional studies, welfare and management studies. The research areas of our staff are diverse and global, and they belong to a wide range of academic societies.

Sports have spread and developed on a global scale as a universal culture that transcends national borders and ethnic groups, where everyone can play against each other under the same rules. And now, as evidenced by the Olympics and the soccer World Cup, which are the world’s largest and most exciting mega-events, sports are increasingly linked to economics, politics, culture, media, education, and more. In addition, the lack of exercise and stress brought about by modern society and the pursuit of a more humane way of life have led to an unprecedented increase in demand for people to play, watch, read, listen to, and enjoy sports.

Sport has come into the limelight as one important area for reading contemporary society and as an item for sustainable human and socioeconomic development and peacebuilding.
And there is a need for social science research on sports to comprehensively address these issues. We are a unique research unit established to meet these needs, unparalleled in the country.

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