Hitotsubashi Annual of Sport Studies

Hitotsubashi Annual of Sport Studies


We publish an academic journal once a year to publicize our research results.

“Hitotsubashi annual of sport studies” Title and Links

Vol.39 (2020) About British University Sports

Vol.38 (2019) The Past, Present and Future of Sports and the Sphere of Daily life

Vol.37 (2018) Deciphering the “past” and “present” of sports

Vol.36 (2017) Various phrase of Diversity in Sports

Vol.35 (2016) Approaches to “Sport and Diversity”

Vol.34 (2015) Aspects of Research on “Sport and Society”

Vol.33 (2014) Expanding Research on “Sport and Society”

Vol.32 (2013) Diversity in the Study of “Sport and Society”

Vol.31 (2012) Approaches to various aspects of sports

Vol.30 (2011) Glocal Processes and the Transformation of Sport

Vol.29 (2010) Globalization and the Transformation of Sport

Vol.28 (2009) Sport and Community under Globalization

Vol.27 (2008) Intersection of Globalization and Localization of Sports II

Vol.26 (2007) Intersection of Globalization and Localization of sports

Vol.25 (2006) Approaches to “Transcending Border Sports

Vol.24 (2005) Globalization and Localization of Sports Revisited

Vol.23 (2004) Aspects of Globalization and Sport II

Vol.22 (2003) Aspects of Globalization and Sports

Vol.21 (2002) Toward the Challenges of Sports in the 21st Century

Vol.20 (2001) Globalization and Localization of Sports

Vol.19 (2000) Globalization and Plurality in Sports

Vol.18 (1999) New Developments in Modern Sports

Vol.17 (1998) Sports and Globalization II

Vol.16 (1997) Sports and Globalization

Vol.15 (1996) Subjects and Methods in Sociology of Sport

Vol.14 (1995) From Modern Sports to Contemporary Sports

Vol.13 (1994) The “Sports for all” philosophy and movement

Vol.12 (1993) New Developments in Sociology of Sport

Vol.11 (1992) Marketization of sports and the right to play sports

Vol.10 (1991) Sports in Transition: Japan and Europe

Vol. 9 (1990) Entry of Major enterprise into sports and theories of sports movements

Vol. 8 (1989) Sports Movement, Physical Education and Sports in the 1990s

Vol. 7 (1988) Physical Education and Sports Trends under the upcoming Ad Hoc Council on Education

Vol. 6 (1987) Transformation of modern sports

Vol. 5 (1986) Contemporary developments in sports

Vol. 4 (1985) Research in various countries / A Theory of the Origin of Sports

Vol. 3 (1984) Development of National Sports Research

Vol. 2 (1983) National Sports and Subject Forming

Vol. 1 (1982) Issues and Methods of National Sports Research



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